Alfresco Back-End Developer

Deadline 21 August, 2020 Position Ref: 1768
Skills Required

UML Agile SonarQube Alfresco Alfresco Content Services Alfresco Process Services




You will be in charge of these following assignations :

  • Analyze functional specifications and clarify missing/ambiguous information.
  • Propose technical software solutions that correspond to the functional specficiations with appropriate quality characteristics (performance, ease of use, maintainability...) and using Alfresco Technology to its best extent.
  • Evaluate, compare, recommend solutions, identifying advantages, inconveniences, opportunities and threats, and identifying technical consequences.
  • Produce the technical design and technical specifications.
  • Implement and test solutions;
  • Provide or maintain technical documentation;
  • Support and assistance on technical software solutions.
  • Communicate about the solution
  • Share relevant knowledge, if need;
  • Contribute to the elicitations of needs and requirments
  • Coordinate with consultants or other stakeholders for the implementation of the solutions;
  • Potentially managing a team of peers;
  • Potentially defining technical standards
  • Proposing a software architecture for more complex solutions.


  • Bachelor Degree in IT or related field with a minimum of 6 years of professional IT experience
  • Minimum 4 years of experience with Alfresco
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with ACS (Alfresco Content Services) or APS (Alfresco Process Services) other
  • Minimum 5 days of training related to Alfresco in the last 2 years is required
  • Excellent knowledge of Agile Methodology
  • An Alfresco Certification (APS/ACS) is required
  • You have great code quality skills (SonarQube or equivalent)
  • You have a good knowledge of software modelling techniques : UML or equivalent
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English is required





3 Months

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