Angular Developer

Deadline 21 June, 2019 Position Ref: 1251
Skills Required

UML Agile Angular

Additional Skills

Business Analysis DevOps security coding


Angular Developer


English Greek

Total Experience (months or years)




  • Successful training/education by a competent institute in a subject relevant to the tasks at hand

Knowledge and Skills:

  • English: C1
  • highly proficient in Angular front-end framework
  • Java background
  • Communication skills –interpersonal skills to lead the software architecture discussions and technical dialogue they have with colleagues
  • Problem-solving skills – analytical skills and conflict resolution to complete assignments under pressure and build needed consensus in an organization


  • Working in an international/multicultural environment
  • Solid experience in Angular front-end framework
  • Experience working with Agile
  • Experience working with UML or similar modelling methods
  • Experience in business analysis desirable
  • Experience in using DevOps tools and methodologies is desirable
  • Experience from secure coding practices is desirable
  • Minimum 5 years experience in software development and maintenance, with at least 3 years hands-on experience falling into the range of technologies listed in these specifications

Nature of the tasks:

  • Software development
  • Continuous integration / continuous deployment
  • Prototyping
  • Develop/maintain programs that reflect the specifications based on user requirements
  • Implementation of integrations with other applications and/or developed modules
  • Applying quality assurance: unit testing and code coverage checking, performing functional, integration and performance testing
  • Configuration of workflows
  • Assist with deployment and configuration management
  • Provide technical input to analysts and project managers for drafing of technical analysis documents
  • Produce the relevant technical documentation and documentation for the support team
  • Assist with training the users of the system
  • Assist with evaluating and testing products delivered by external system suppliers
  • Participation in meetings with the users
  • Support the work for installing/configuring the software requirements in the environments of the project
  • Support troubleshooting activities in production environment





1 Years

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