Data Scientist

Deadline 18 June, 2021 Position Ref: 1939
Skills Required

cloud Machine learning




Your tasks:

  • Work on AI services to ongoing competition investigations (ultra-agile delivery model);
  • Work on R&D to explore new techniques towards re-usability and towards development of AI solutions at scale;
  • Regularly document the work: methods, results for re-usability and knowledge sharing;
  • Be part of the AI team in which you will share ,discuss and collaborate;
  • Communicate (e.g. presentation and explanation of results) with end users;
  • Draft (vision, architecture) documents;
  • Design, implementation and optimisation of required integration architecture.


  • University degree with minimum of 13 years of professional experience in researches and developments in computer science and/or mathematics;
  • Experience in pre-processing,ML pipeline / infrastructure; interoperability;
  • Hands on experience on(public) Cloud infrastructure & (secure) limited old-fashion on-prems infrastructure;
  • Expertise in Natural Language Processing; Machine learning: supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, (neural networks) and all related areas: word embeddings, language representation (BERT), etc;
  • Hands-on experience in solid Data and ML architecture knowledge;
  • Team mindset and service and delivery mindset;
  • Ability to deal with constraints related to e.g. data confidentiality, secure infrastructure limitations;
  • Excellent command of English;
  • Ability to process, review, classify, cluster and analyse all types of documents.





1 Years

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