Drupal / GIS Tech Expert

Deadline 21 June, 2019 Position Ref: 1130
Skills Required

PHP XML SQL AJAX HTML 5 Drupal jQuery JavaScript JSON CSS3 GIS REST API Postgres Geoserver D3 Carto Mapbox MapServer LeafletJS Mapbos GL Openlayers Highcharts Google Charts


Drupal / GIS Tech Expert



Total Experience (months or years)



  • Add on the  landing page a list of  datasets and link the datasets to existing data catalogues of the organisation
  • Include a system to document data and software sets from third parties which are used in the ecosystem accounts
  • Add on the landing page a model library used for calculating the accounts including the software (QGIS plugins) and manuals of how to use the software
  • Continue development of the landing page with accounts of ecosystem extent, ecosystem condition and ecosystem services as soon as they become available
  • Master Degree and 7 years of professional experience are reqiured
  • Experience in Drupal (7 or 8) web application development.
  • Experience in backend development (PHP, SQL, Postgres).
  • Experience in developing geospatial services (GeoServer, Carto, Mapbox or MapServer) &  in the GIS field 
  • Experience with “drush” command-line tool & data transport technologies (Json, XML, etc.)
  • Knowledge of mapping libraries (LeafletJS, Mapbos GL or Openlayers) & visualization libraries (Highcharts, D3, Google Charts).
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX.
  • Knowledge developing REST API as well as integrating with third party APIs.
  • Fluency in English





1 Years

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