GIS Developer

Deadline 13 April, 2020 Position Ref: 1693
Skills Required

GIS Python postGIS Postgres ArcGIS Spatial Analysis R Language Google Earth Engine JEODPP GIS web applications




- Collection, quality-control, preprocessing, and management of geospatial data sets related to Natura 2000 sites.
- Further development of a system to manage these data sets.
- On-demand development of digital and hard-copy map products.
- Support the analysis of these geospatial data for scientific purposes, into, among others, indicators related to Natura 2000 site condition and change.
- GIS environmental specialist with significant experience in environmental, and particularly Natura 2000 and forest-related data analysis, including plot-collected data, maps, and remote sensing data
- Bachelor degree & minimum 7 years after studies
- Knowledge of European environmental legislation, particularly on habitats and species, environmental assessments, and impact assessments.
- Capability of working in an international/multicultural environment and working in team.
- Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings.
Specific expertise:
- Proficiency in the use of GIS software (particularly ArcGIS and its extensions - - Spatial Analyst and Image Analyst)
- Good knowledge of scripting languages including Python and/or R
- Familiarity with Postgres/PosGIS
- Familiarity with JEODPP and Google Earth Engine
- Familiarity with GIS web applications





1 Years

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