ICT Security & Risk Specialist

Deadline 17 September, 2019 Position Ref: 1398
Skills Required

EBIOS security assurance risk assessment ICT Security Risk assessment ICT systems Risk Analysis standards

Additional Skills

Cybersecurity disciplines


ICT Security and Risk Specialist



Total Experience (months or years)



  • Perform application risk assessments mainly in-paper and possibly also on real installations;
  • Perform the technical compliance of the new software/project with the standards available at the European Parliament.
  • Produce the documentation associated to the activities.
  • Exchange with stakeholders on the software and projects details under evaluation.
  • Define possible recommendations on how to mitigate the identified risks.




  • You hold minimum 4-years post-secondary education (e.g : Master) in a computer related field or recognized as duly equivalent.
  • You have minimum 8 years of professional experience in the domain of IT security (e.g : risk assessment, security assurance..)
  • You have minimum 5 years of experience in performing ICT Security Risk assessment for products and projects
  • University degree (minimum 4 years post-secondary education) in an ICT related field. Two years of recent experience in the domain will be considered equivalent to one year of studies.
  • Good knowledge of English and French desirable
  • Excellent knowledge of Risk Assessment methodologies applied to complex ICT enterprise environments, including the aspects related to networking and application development.
  • Knowledge of ICT systems Risk Analysis standards, methodologies and tools (EBIOS, STRIDE ... ).
  • Knowledge of International Standards in Cybersecurity
  • Technical background on security assurance with some experience in pen testing
  • Certifications in the Risk Assessment and Cybersecurity disciplines would be a plus.






7 Months

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