NLP Expert

Deadline 23 July, 2019 Position Ref: 1224
Skills Required

Java C++ C JavaScript Python Data Analysis NLTK Elastic Search Lucene GATE LingPipe Machine learning


NLP Expert



Total Experience (months or years)



  • Provision of expert advice and assistance, technology watch, evaluation studies, architectural considerations, applicable standards, solution patterns and best practices in Computational Linguistics, Text Analytics and Data Mining.
  • Elaboration of functional and non-functional requirements and business case analysis related to the text mining projects and support activities.
  • Impact assessment of new state-of-the-art methodologies, and relatedtechnologies and tools on the existing architectures.
  • Provision of proof-of-concepts and prototypes to demonstrate benefits ofthe proposed solutions against initial stakeholders' requirements.
  • Assistance in the implementation of the adopted software engineering methodologies and technologies;
  • Provision of quality control tests and technical evaluations;
  • Production of technical documentation.
  • Master Degree in Computer Science or related field & minumum 7-11 years of working experience:
    • Computer science or related fields, covering areas such as: Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Discovery, Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Open Source software and tools related to text mining (e.g., Lucene,Elastic Search, GATE, LingPipe, NLTK).
  • Machine learning/data analysis tools (e.g., scikit learn, WEKA, Octave,R, Gnuplot, libsvm, Tensor Flow, Deeplearning4j, etc.).
  • Designing and developing (hands-on experience) of general-purposeNatural Language Processing, Information Extraction and Web Mining core components like tokenizers, morphological analysers, named-entity recognition, name lemmatisation, geotagging, syntactic parsers, term extraction, web crawlers, web scrapers, data compression, pattern learning, etc.
  • JAVA programming, and knowledge of other relevant programminglanguages (including in particular, Python, C, C++, Javascript).
  • Testing frameworks.





10 Months

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