Senior Server Engineer

Deadline 18 December, 2018 Position Ref: 902
Skills Required

Java LDAP Active Directory Docker CentOS Ubuntu Microsoft SCOM AD/DNS IP GPO Elastic Search Microsoft Server Linux Server Server OS SCM LDAPv3 Windows 2016 NAT Microsoft ADFS


Senior Server Engineer



Total Experience (months or years)



  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft server operating systems (Windows 2016) and its Internet Information System component.
  • Installation and configuration of Linux server operating systems (RedHat v7, CentOS,Ubuntu Server) and its most common components (Apache, Samba, etc).
  • Installation and configuration of Active Directory forests, including all the auxiliary services.
  • Design of AD Forests and Domains, including the requirements and detailed configuration needed for the trusts with other forests.
  • Install and configure LDAP servers, including Microsoft Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services; create and manage connections to Microsoft and third party LDAP systems, including encryption. Be able to perform queries and create scripts that that apply security on the Active Directory LDAP part.
  • Support the design and implementation of MS ADFS deployments
  • Review, apply and troubleshoot security hardening on the Operating System and IIS Servers by the three following technologies: Group Policies objects, Security Compliance Manager and Desired State Configuration.
  • Create, test and troubleshoot PowerShell Scripts used for the configuration and maintenance of the server park.
  • Configure, create and implement PKI Certificates on the servers and services, including the JAVA services. Experience on migrating from SHA-1 type certificates to SHA-2
  • Creation and configuration of Managed Service Accounts.
  • Configure application servers to make usage of the different authentication systems, encryption in traffic, file access and database access. Ability to troubleshoot all of the mentioned components individually and as a set.
  • Familiarity with monitoring metrics and collection toolsets, including Microsoft SCOM
  • Install and configure JAVA based servers (TomCat, JBoss, etc.)
  • Configuration of servers and communication paths including basic network configurations including IP addressing schemes, NAT, load balancing
  • Experience with documenting technical specifications of solutions, in terms of infrastructure design material (deployment views, server and network specifications, etc.) as well as devising and documenting operations procedures
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of ElasticSearch based solutions
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Docker based solutions or similar containers technology
  • Bachelor Degree in IT or related field with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the area of Microsoft and Linux server setup, configurationand troubleshooting
  • Hands on experience within at least 2 projects in configuration and troubleshooting of Active Directory including but not limited to DNS, inner workings of AD, query the AD structure and verify the security settings per OU, delegation models, forest trusts
  • Hands on experience within at lest 2 projects in configuration and troubleshooting of Server OS (Windows 2016) including the secure configuration lockdown (hardening) by means of GPO and SCM. Equivalent experience in at least one relevant Linux server technology is required
  • Mandatory experience within at least 1 project, in LDAPv3, troubleshooting connections, performing queries and scripting updates to the LDAP tree
  • Hands on experience within at least 2 projects with the usage, configuration and troubleshooting of encryption and certificate management on the application and web servers
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in day to day IT operations
  • Mandatory professional knowledge on the following is required:
    • Translation of High Level Design into an implementable infrastructure & operations design, including operations manual and handover to operations teams
    • Discuss and agree design and way of work at various levels like: architecture level, developers level and operations level
    • Active Directory, including but not limited to, DNS, inner working of AD, knowledge how to query the AD structure and verify the security settings per OU
    • Windows 2016, Linux Server technology (RedHat v7, CentOS, Ubuntu Server)
    • ElasticSearch and Docker platforms
    • Basic networking including IP, NAT, load balancing 
  • Knowledge and experience on the following would be considered an asset
    • Microsoft ADFS deployment and usage
    • LDAP troubleshooting and scripting 
    • Integration of monitoring into Microsoft SCOM
    • Java based application servers
  • Very good knowledge of written and spoken English


The Hague



8 Months

Possible extension for: 5 Months

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