Technical Business Analyst (Oracle, Java)

Deadline 21 December, 2018 Position Ref: 900
Skills Required

Java Oracle Business Analysis JSF MS Visio MS Word Market Analysis Documentum/Document Management Legislative database management


Technical Business Analyst (Oracle, Java)


English French

Total Experience (months or years)



The tasks/activities will include:
  • Business Analysis / Requirements capture of key functional areas:
o Interview the IT team and review the in-house application to capture the functional-ity/requirements
o Review with the business users to ensure all the key business requirements have been captured, including functionality not yet developed in the in-house application.
o The requirements must be validated by the business users for the process to continue.
o Produce a requirements document covering the business requirements to a detailed level.
o Produce a scoring mechanism to evaluate solutions to those requirements. The current application will be scored and used as a reference.
  • Market Analysis to find solutions which meet these requirements (Off the shelf fit)
o Identify market solutions which could meet the functional requirements
o Propose other possible solutions to better meet the requirements/needs
(some of those applications may be built on top of Sharepoint or Opentext)
o Score the market solutions using the mechanism from the previous task
Review of platforms currently in place at the Client that could provide this functionality. i.e. Sharepoint, OpenText ECM.
  • Review of platforms currently in place at the Client that could provide this functionality. i.e. Sharepoint, OpenText ECM.
o Review the currently used document management systems taking into account that EUDOC is a legislative database mainly for the management of legislative texts
o Identify the gaps against the functional requirements
o Identify steps required to bridge these gaps and to arrive at satisfactory solution or detail serious issues to arriving at such a solution
o Score the identified solutions against the scoring mechanism
  • Recommendation. Synthesise the above findings and provide a recommendation. The recom-mendation must compare and contrast the different findings and fully justify the recommended path.
o The final report must collate the details from the previous steps into a single report
o The report must tabulate and arrange the findings into a management summary
o The report must details the pros and cons of the solutions reviewed
o The report must make a recommendation, fully justifying why this recommendation is the correct way forward for the Client
The selected person must demonstrate very good knowledge in:
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements capture
  • Market analysis with a view to identifying products meeting specified requirements – to identify potentially existing solutions in the market and to propose solutions in accordance with the service’s needs/specific requirements
  • Legislative database management
  • Document management
  • Good understanding of EU institutions working procedures is an asset
  • Proficient in English and French
Moreover, must demonstrate strong competence and previous working experience in:
  • Legislative database management tools/platforms/systems; knowledge in several legislative systems being a strong asset
  • Document management tools/platforms/systems; knowledge in several document manage-ment systems being a strong asset
  • In order to assess the current application and the scenario to upgrade it, competence in Java web applications is required, in particular knowledge of Oracle, Java, JSF, and open source libraries
  • MS Word & MS Visio
Deliverables and schedule:
  • Requirements document
o Review of current application with the IT team in order to produce functional require-ments
o Final review and update of the document with the business team, also capturing any additional requirements
  • Scoring mechanism with which to score potential solutions against the functional require-ments

  • Market Analysis
o Determine if applications exist on the market to cover the required scope
o Analysis of such application with respect to the scoring mechanism
  • Review of applicability of platforms currently in use at EIB
o Review Sharepoint and Opentext platforms in particular
o Determine the match with the scoring mechanism, and identify the amount of custom-isation/configuration required to bridge any gaps
  • Analysis of the current application providing the EUDOC functionality:
o Analysis of current solution
o Determine in broad terms how to upgrade the application to a modern framework, identifying what framework to target, and the effort required to achieve the upgrade
  • Final review/Recommendation documentation:
o Produce document. The document must include and compare the benefits, costs, and effort (all involved parties) of each option.
o Review and update in line with review feedback from stakeholders





3 Months

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