Technical Security Analyst

Deadline 18 September, 2020 Position Ref: 1786


  • Ensure continuous IT systems protection by daily monitoring and exploiting the systems related to security information and event management.
  • Ensure continuous monitoring, tuning and maintenance of IDS/IPS instances;
  • Perform Incident response (IR): manage incidents with the ticketing and workflow systems used for IR, collect relevant information, produce reports;
  • Perform forensic and suspicious file analysis: identify, collect artefacts, perform a technical analysis and import the results in the incident response process;
  • Assess the scope of the attacks and affected systems, and collecting data for further analysis by the EP-CERT team;
  • Collaborate with CISO/ICTSECU staff in performing IT security investigations;
  • Produce regular reporting on event analysis (triage efficiency, false positive rate, real incidents by severity and category, ...);
  • Develop and optimize SOC systems (e.g. scripts for automated configuration, system analysis, alerting, wiki templates and workflows, automated dashboards).
  • Define, document and implement operational policies in close collaboration with other CISO/ICTSECU teams and operational entities.
  • Collaborate to the definition of event correlation rules to automate detection of specific situations.


  • university degree, minimum 4 years post-secondary education in an ICT related field, or equivalent
  • Min. 4 years of experience as a technical security analyst,
  • Min. 2-year experience in the field of incident analysis and response.
  • Knowledge of English is mandatory, French desirable





6 Months

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