Technology Expert (4251)

Deadline 23 April, 2019 Position Ref: 1152
Skills Required

Java PHP ASP HTML CSS .NET JavaScript ASP.NET Master's Degree Javascript Frameworks


Technology Expert



Total Experience (months or years)



Role & Responsibilities:

  • Provision of expert advice and assistance, technology watch, evaluation studies, architectural considerations, applicable standards, solution patterns and best practices in a specific area of ICT infrastructure technology (e.g. database management systems, Java Enterprise technology, enterprise & web content management, XML, portals, business process management and rule execution engines, interoperability, business activity monitoring and business intelligence technologies, Web 2.0, .Net technology, application life cycle management, test driven development , search technologies, Identity & Access Management, information security, federation protocols (SAML v2, WS-*, STORK … )
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Provision of quality plans, quality assessments, quality control tests, evaluations and service level agreements associated with information system infrastructure services or projects
  • Assistance in the implementation of a software engineering methodology
  • Provision of security studies, security assessments and other specific security matters related to ICT infrastructures
  • Elaboration of functional and non-functional requirements and business case analysis related to the area of expertise
  • Elaboration of vision documents focused upon infrastructure components
  • Risk analysis
  • Review of Information Systems Infrastructure Architectures
  • Provision of technical evaluations and audit reports in relation with information systems infrastructure  


  • Master’s degree and at least 9 years of professional experience after studies
  • Deep knowledge in one or more of the following domains: quality control, security, infrastructure, development language, knowledge of technology required, requirements analysis, performance analysis, a specific technical domain like vulnerability testing, business process modelling, etc.
  • Java
  • HaXe – JS/openFL/php/neko
  • Coffee Script - Create JS
  • AEOS version 3.4 WEB Service
  • EU Login Authentication
  • Reverse Proxy integration
  • Language: English.





3 Months

Possible extension for: 48 Months

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