Technology Expert (Azure)

Deadline 11 July, 2019 Position Ref: 1206
Skills Required

Quality Control security Cloud Architecture business process modelling infrastructure security vulnerability testing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services performance analysis


Technology Expert



Total Experience (months or years)



  • Provision of expert advice and assistance, technology watch, evaluation studies, architectural considerations, applicable standards, solution patterns and best practices in:
    • Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services
    • Cloud Architectures and Technologies
  • Provision of quality plans, quality assessments, quality control tests, evaluations and service level agreements associated with information system infrastructure services or projects
  • Assistance in the implementation of a software engineering methodology
  • Provision of security studies, security assessments and other specific security matters related to ICT infrastructures
  • Elaboration of functional and non-functional requirements and business case analysis related to the area of expertise
  • Elaboration of vision documents focused upon infrastructure components
  • Risk analysis
  • Review of Information Systems Infrastructure Architectures
  • Provision of technical evaluations and audit reports in relation with information systems infrastructure 
  • A minimum of 6 years or relevant experience
  • Deep knowledge in one or more domains of the study required for the function (e.g. quality control, security, infrastructure, development language, knowledge of technology required, requirements analysis, performance analysis, a specific technical domain like vulnerability testing, business process modelling, etc.)
  • Capability to write clear and structured technical documents.
  • Ability to participate in high-level technical meetings, very good communication skills
  • Capability of working in an international/multicultural environment





1 Years

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