Web Developer with Drupal

Deadline 17 January, 2019 Position Ref: 930
Skills Required

PHP HTML CSS Linux Drupal CMS JavaScript WEB/GIS Web Map

Additional Skills

WordPress postGIS Postgres Joomla Geoserver Laravel Postgres CentOS 7


Web Developer with Drupal



Total Experience (months or years)



  • Assist in the set-up of a possible web-based application – for a multi-scale soil information system (including regional, national and continental soil datasets)
  • Possibly development of a Proof of Concept application, according to the above design
  • GIS and DB assistance for region soil database data collection project
  • Formal reporting on and documentation of the progress of the work performed on a weekly basis
  • Bachelor's degree, minimum 3 years of higher studies after secondary school in an IT-related field
  • 6 years of professional experience
  • Multi-year experience with the set-up and optimization of websites based on the PHP-based CMS DRUPAL (possibly also Joomla, Wordpress, Laravel could qualify) 
  • Good database management skill (PostGres)
  • Very good knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Knowledge of Web-GIS technologies in general, and experience in the set-up of elementary Web Map viewing applications (for viewing and navigating multiple map layers); optional: knowledge of GeoServer including Postgres and the PostGIS extension would be a bonus).
  • Strong experience in Linux, preferably CentOS 7
  • Fluency in English





1 Years

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